SAT Practice Tests


MathZone Proctored SAT Practice Testing

  • SAT sessions are scheduled exclusively for SAT students only

  • This is a results oriented Program for students that want to achieve higher test scores for consideration from top tier universities

  • MathZone provides proctoring of practice exams so students can experience "live" exam scenarios

  • Practice exam sessions are reviewed with each student to discuss the student’ s approach to the exam and to identify area’s of improvement

  • Proctored exams will be conducted during Summer 2020

  • Any student wishing to try a proctored exam is welcome to attend (Rising Gr 8 - Gr 12)

  • Students do not need to be enrolled in the CBM program to participate in a practice exam

  • SAT Test proctoring is a key component of the Program and will be offered at set times during the year to expose students to the rigor they’ll need to manage during official testing

All SAT Prep & Testing will be conducted at our Cranberry location.


SAT Practice Test Dates 2021

  • July 10th

  • July 31st

  • August 14th