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Frequently Asked Questions
Who attends MathZone?

A wide variety of students attend MathZone. Our students vary from the early grades to post High school. Tutoring is a fantastic way to elevate understanding and comprehension and when necessary, rebuild a student’s confidence and allow steady maintenance of capabilities. Tutoring can also provide avenues that challenge boundaries, introduce extended subject matter and allow a student to explore concepts in line with their ever-increasing abilities.

Can we reschedule sessions?

Yes! MathZone provides parents with the ability to reschedule sessions. Parents are able to reschedule a tutorial when their student is ill or some other event clashes with the student's tutorial schedule. All scheduled events include email and SMS text reminders with the ability to add tutorial schedules to a parent's calendar in Outlook or Google.

Why enroll my children with you?

MathZone services are effective, affordable and highly specialized. Our students repeatedly achieve excellent results. Student learning plans are customized to ensure individual needs are met. Students receive immediate feedback on their efforts and are motivated to practice and challenge themselves to improve.


Parents are able to receive regular updates from our Education Coordinator detailing their child's strengths, weaknesses and progress. Most importantly, our students enjoy their time with us and through this enjoyment, they acquire and build their foundational skills and self–confidence, maximizing their success in school and beyond.

How is your center different?

MathZone's lessons are in-person or online. MathZone tutors review, correct and explain your child's work. MathZone provides detailed reporting of each student's progress against their individualized learning plan. Upon the completion of an objective, students receive instant results that motivate them to continue practicing.

What does it cost to attend?

Fees at MathZone vary depending on the configuration and level of courses that a student is enrolled in to achieve required objectives. Please call us to arrange a free consultation where our program offerings and respective fees can be presented and discussed.

When are you open?

MathZone is tightly aligned with local school district dates. Our 'Open Hours' page provides information on exact start and end dates for the Academic school year as well as the Summer schedule.


The 'Open Hours' page provides specific opening hours & days for both consultation hours (consultations, walk-in's and phone inquiries) and tutorial hours (lessons) specific to the Academic year and Summer periods.

What if my child is ill and cannot attend?

MathZone allows a lesson to be rescheduled due to illness. Rescheduling can be done at your convenience on our website. Also, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

What student age groups do you teach?

MathZone caters for children 3 - 6 years of age in our 'School Readiness' program. We assist students from Grades 1 - 12 in our Elementary, Middle and High School programs and we also provide tutoring for College students when requested.

What kind of commitment is required?

Each student’s needs are different. The path required is established after their assessment and a proposed development of an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). We'll then discuss this proposed plan with the student and their parents to ensure awareness of the commitment required to achieve desired goals. As a basis, our minimum time commitment is 3 months.

Do the students work on computers?

Each student works on objectives defined in their Individualised Learning Plan. Students do all this work the “old fashioned way” – on pencil and paper or on a white board with the tutor. If students are working on automatic recall of basic facts, such as for times tables practice, they will interact with our computer based software as needed.

Do you provide homework?

MathZone does assign homework. We are flexible with the quantity as we have found that some students want additional practice one or two times a week and others ask for more. Homework is always corrected by our tutors. Results of completed homework are electronically recorded in each student’s portfolio and contribute to mastery of assigned objectives. We believe that reinforcement of work undertaken at our learning center further benefits the student.

Can students bring their homework? 

Absolutely. We encourage students to share their school-based work with us. The assistance we provide in our tutorials can then be applied directly to the work coming from school. Confidence grows in the child as they see the concepts they’ve learned with us being successfully applied to their school work. They won't be able to wait for the next day to demonstrate their homework results to peers and teachers alike!

Can my child's school math teacher be informed?

At our learning centers, we practice a collaborative approach to assist our students. This can also include communication with a student's teacher. In the past we have experienced many teachers willing to share information for the benefit of the student. While we perceive benefits to be derived by this sharing of information, we request that the student's parents initiate contact and discuss this option with the school math teacher to confirm that sharing of information is acceptable.

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