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MathZone School Readiness

MathZone's School Readiness Program caters to our youngest learners, from 3  to 6 years of age.

Our early learning environment supports children to be successful learners as they prepare for and begin the first years of their elementary school journey. 

The aim is to instill a love for learning with a curriculum design that focuses on meeting the needs of young children. Our tutors will present engaging and multiple learning opportunities that consider the learning style of each student. 

Formal and informal developmental assessments are included on an initial and ongoing basis in order to understand a child's competencies and to help each child grow to his or her developmental potential.

MathZone's focus is on learning and interactions with materials, peers and adults. Reading and Math activities will facilitate a child’s development in such areas as social-emotional, language, plus fine and gross motor domains.

Curriculum design will focus on learning through play while addressing individual needs aimed at improving critical cognitive thinking skills in the areas of visual perception, concentration, higher order processing, language and general knowledge and math.

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