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MathZone Standardized School Test Prep

School Districts administer standardized tests across various grade levels:

  • to determine your child’s progress in key academic areas

  • to screen for gifted potential

  • to satisfy state requirements

  • for admissions and scholarship selection


Results from these tests are used to drive curricular decisions regarding your child’s level of academic placement.


MathZone’s Standardized School Test Preparation Program places an emphasis on teaching core thinking skills commonly found in cognitive ability and achievement tests such as:

  • ITBS – Iowa Test of Basic Skills

  • CogAT - Cognitive Abilities Test

  • WISC – Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – GIFTED Testing

  • KBIT – Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test

  • SCAT - School and College Ability Test

  • AABL – Admission Assessment for Beginning Learners

  • ECAA – Early Childhood Admission Assessment

  • ISEE -  Independent School Entrance Exam

  • PSSA – Pennsylvania System of School Assessment 

  • Keystone – PA Standardized test (Algebra I)


MathZone will develop a personalized learning plan for each student to ensure an individualized approach to teaching the student how to analyze and interpret information. Children with strong analytical skills will learn faster, retain information more easily and test better.


Our tutors will  enrich student learning by supporting them as they practice a range of higher order and critical thinking skills with activities including:

  • verbal and non-verbal analogies

  • visual patterns (to build visual discrimination)

  • spatial reasoning using tangible manipulatives (to build understanding of geometric concepts)

  • learning how to slow down and analyze (to improve the student’s ability to focus on the details in questions while using deductive logic)

  • quantitative reasoning (for the application of basic mathematics skills, such as Algebra, to the analysis and interpretation of real-world quantitative information)

  • multi-step problem solving practice

  • an introduction to the process of multiple choice testing


In addition, our Standardized School Test Preparation Program will explore test specific format, timing and content while practicing typical standardized math test questions. 


This program does not include a homework component as skills are developed with varied and specific resources and the steady guidance of MathZone tutors. This program complements our School Math Program.  Students can enroll part-term when simultaneously enrolled in our School Math Program.

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