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MathZone@Home - FAQ
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Face-to-face, real time tutoring

MathZone tutoring is now available to your student in the comfort and convenience of your home!

MathZone has provided math tutoring to thousands of students attending our learning centers. We’re now offering the same face-to-face tutoring for students in the comfort of their own home.

The unfortunate and unprecedented events the world is currently facing has turned the focus on distance learning options and critically, on educators being able to continue delivering effective, quality teaching. Students need to maintain their continuity as well as achieve results crucial to their long term educational goals.

MathZone offers this convenient and effective tutoring model with minimal setup on the home front. Many questions you may have are addressed in our Online FAQ’s below. As always, MathZone is an email or phone call away, so if your question isn’t covered below, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q. What is MathZone@Home?

MathZone@Home is the same face-to-face math instruction in use at our learning centers, delivered via the internet and your electronic device.

Q. Do I have to be enrolled at MathZone to have MathZone@Home?

Yes. All students must enroll with MathZone. They will work on the learning plan developed on the basis of results achieved during their initial assessment. There is no difference between MathZone@Home or In-Center programs. While In-Center contact is restricted, enrollment and assessment will be completed electronically.

Q. Is MathZone@Home available now because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes. While MathZone@Home has always been available, it has now been deployed to address community need specifically because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the contact restrictions mandated by the Government.


Q. When will my local learning center offer MathZone@Home math tutoring?

ALL MathZone learning centers offer MathZone@Home. It’s not limited to specific centers. It's delivered online to your home, wherever you are. If you’re an existing customer, please contact your learning center's Education Coordinator. New customers are welcome and can email MathZone directly from this page or anywhere on our website with any inquiries. We currently provide tutoring to students throughout the continental United States.

Q. Will the MathZone@Home service be available after the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes. MathZone provides distance learning via the internet to cater for students that have specific requirements that cannot be delivered by “traditional” learning options. Students that fall into the following categories benefit greatly from MathZone@Home:

  • Distance students 

  • Students with a busy schedule

  • Home schooled students

  • Students recovering from illness or surgery

  • Transitioning students

Q. My student is new to MathZone@Home. How do we know when our tutorial starts?

MathZone@Home session reminders are the same as In-Center – notification via email and text 32 hours prior to a student’s tutoring session. Rescheduling is the same as In-Center – parents can easily reschedule with a minimum 24 hours’ notice. All instructions are provided and rescheduling can be done from a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Q. How much does MathZone@Home cost? How many sessions do you include?

MathZone@Home enrollment is the same as In-Center enrollment. Students receive 2 hours per week (up to 10 hours per month – some months have more than 4 weeks).

Q. Will my student have the same instructors & experience as they would at my Learning Center?

Absolutely! The same highly capable tutors that work in our learning centers will work with your student using MathZone@Home. They’ll continue to teach your student in accordance with their established learning plan as well as any required school work.

Q. What do I need to use MathZone@Home?

An internet connection and an appropriate device* (See the options below).

Q. Does it work as well as in-center learning?

Absolutely. With the technology in use by MathZone, it’s like our tutors are sitting next to your student, just like in our learning centers. Working out is done electronically and simultaneously by tutor and student. Student results are registered by the same software that tracks their progress in-center and their progress reports contain comprehensive information detailing their learning achievements. Using cool technology makes this activity one that your student looks forward to!

Q. My student is new to MathZone. How will they get started?

Contact MathZone via our website to discuss your student’s needs and to schedule an initial assessment. While in-center restrictions are in place, a student assessment will be completed electronically. The remote assessment is the same assessment performed in-center.

Q. How have parents and students responded to MathZone@Home?

MathZone has seamlessly integrated its online service platform with the schedules of our students and has exceeded their expectations. Our tutoring session rescheduling capabilities offer flexibility when family commitments may require schedule changes.

Continuity and management of learning objectives is being delivered on a daily basis and students and their families are grateful for the flexibility and convenience of MathZone@Home. 

Q Can my student return to In-Center learning after restrictions are lifted?

Based on Government directives, you will receive communication from MathZone asking for your learning platform preference – In-Center or @Home. Based on the response received by MathZone, your students tutoring session schedule will be issued via email and sessions will commence accordingly.

In-Center students will return to cleaned and disinfected locations that will continue to be cleaned and disinfected at the completion of sessions each day.

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Equipment needed

- Wi-Fi, available in the home from a commercial supplier, Comcast, Verizon, etc.

Any of the following:

  • A Laptop (Windows/Mac OS)

  • A Desktop (Windows/Mac OS) equipped with a webcam, microphone & speakers

  • A Tablet device - iPad/Android

  • A Graphics tablet (not mandatory, although highly recommended)

iPad Air_0.jpg

Windows Laptop

Apple Macbook

Android Tablet

Apple iPad

Apple Desktop

Windows Desktop


Graphics Tablet

All connection instructions and online support details provided at time of enrollment.

Home equipment
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