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MathZone CollegeBound Membership Program


The College admissions process is one that usually encompasses most of a student's high school career. The associated standardized tests used as part of the admissions process are also the most challenging. Most colleges require scores from either the SAT or ACT as part of their admissions process and for some competitive colleges, they require scores from both. Students can benefit greatly from early planning that will help them decide on which exam and when they should take it.

It's always a good idea to begin early, however, in selecting a specific test date, a student will need to take into account circumstances like their personal schedule, their admissions deadlines and the classes they're currently taking.

Membership Program

MathZone has developed comprehensive programs that provide students with the appropriate exposure to subject matter and content typically found in these tests. Our Membership Program introduces the ability for families to benefit from the availability, flexibility, depth of content and confidence building as students progress and complete their High school journey.

Program Eligibility

The CollegeBound program is open to students who are in Grades 9 - 12. The Program is oriented towards all eligible students in each family. 

Membership Structure

Essentially, once a student subscribes to the CollegeBound Program, each sibling within that student's family is also eligible to participate. The first student becomes a member until they have completed High school and each sibling that joins becomes a member until they too have completed High school. 

Membership Costs

Each family that subscribes will incur an annual subscription fee and an annual administration fee per student from that family. There are no further subscription costs for any siblings that join the program. Each student from each family will incur an annual administration fee regardless of the time of year they join the program.

Program Operation

The CollegeBound Program will operate on Saturday's in 2 hour blocks of time. There are approximately 40 Saturday's in a year. Each session is 2 hours in duration. Sessions will alternate between Math & English. Session scheduling will be available to all subscribed students. Each session is a dedicated, focused and intense learning experience. All CollegeBound sessions are exclusively reserved for College prep; no other tutoring will be taking place in the learning center between 11 am -> 3 pm.

Program Attendance

Each subscribed student is eligible to attend any CollegeBound session on any Saturday. MathZone scheduling software will manage the number of students in each session. Between 75 - 80 sessions will be available (based on the total number of Saturdays in that year) for students to select from. Subscribed students will be able to manage their session schedules. 

Program Times

CollegeBound sessions will commence at 11 am and conclude at 3 pm each Saturday.

Membership Features


Number of annual Math sessions available

Between 38 & 40 annually (152 - 160 hrs)

Number of annual English sessions available

Between 38 & 40 annually (152 - 160 hrs)

Minimum session purchase

Yes, minimum purchase of 5 sessions (10 hrs)

Sessions can be scheduled/rescheduled

Yes, via online scheduling software

Annual subscription per family

Yes, payable at time of joining, then annually in January

Admin fee per student per family

Yes, payable at time of joining then annually in January

Capped number of students per tutor

Yes, 5 students or less, per tutor

Individual/One-on-one tutoring

Yes, at additional cost

Transfer of sessions to siblings

No, purchased sessions are allocated to only one student

Transfer of sessions to non-siblings

No, purchased sessions apply to only one family

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