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MathZone Enrollment Options

Enrollment forms for all MathZone programs need to be completed at our learning center. To speed up the enrollment process, please click on any of the programs listed below that you are interested in and provide the following details in the email link:

  1. Parent full name

  2. Student full name

  3. Student grade

  4. Parent cell number

  5. Any comments you'd like to add

We'll reach out to you when we receive your inquiry and prepare the enrollment pack for your completion at our learning center.

Enrollment applications will be processed in the order that they are received. Each enrollment application request will be considered complete when it has been signed by a parent and payment for the requested program has been processed.

Once the enrollment is complete, MathZone will schedule your student's session(s) and parents will receive electronic confirmation of enrollment details including days and times of sessions.

Don't forget to check out our Promotions page to maximize your savings or take advantage of bonus offers!

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