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Essay Writing

Students are introduced to the writing process in the Elementary years.  By Middle school, the expectations of written communication require students to compose a short piece of writing on a particular topic. For many students, writing an essay is often viewed as a dreaded task.  

Essay writing is required for classroom assignments and college applications. Additionally, entrance requirements for some colleges include an assessment of reading, analysis and writing skills and those colleges will require students to submit scores for the  SAT/ACT Essay.

MathZone’s Essay Writing Program provides an opportunity for grade 7-12 students. Each student’s experience will begin with a diagnostic essay; from there, an individualized plan will be prepared for the student with grade level and academic standards in mind.

MathZone’s English Tutors will support students as they are guided through the essay writing process.

Writing instruction will cover the elements of essay writing, including content, development and support of ideas, organization/structure, transitions, thesis and topic sentences, conclusion, as well as grammar, mechanics and the conventions of Standard English language.  

Instruction may include various types of essays, for example, narrative, argumentative and analytical.


Students will learn to write to the rhetorical situation, with an understanding of audience and purpose.

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