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Rewards Program Terms & Conditions
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1. Introduction

  1. These Terms and Conditions form the basis of MathZone’s Rewards Program (MRP). They are intended to define the guidelines for both Members and MathZone LLC. It is the Member's responsibility to read and understand them;

  2. These Terms and Conditions are effective as at 06 November 2017 and may be amended by MathZone from time to time. The current Terms and Conditions are those available on this website. Members will be provided with a copy of the Terms and Conditions at the time of joining MathZone and material changes will be notified to Members in accordance with clause 3.2 below;

  3. Every Member is bound by these Terms and Conditions.


2. Definitions

  1. In these Terms and Conditions unless the context otherwise requires:

(i) 'Accepted Payment Card' means one of the credit cards or debit cards (excluding any MathZone tuition voucher) which a Member must use to make a payment or such other form of payment as approved by MathZone from time to time;

(ii) 'Active Member' at a point in time, means a Member who has earned or redeemed MathZone Points on their Membership Account within the previous consecutive 12 whole month period from that point in time;

(iii) 'Anniversary Month' is the month during which a Member joined MathZone, irrespective of the year;

(iv) 'Base Rate' means the number of MathZone Points earned by a Member upon enrolling a student or students in an eligible tutoring program at the applicable 'Base Rate' specified, not including any bonus;

(v) 'Benefits' means any of the facilities, discounts, services or arrangements offered or available to a Member as a result of membership in MathZone including earning and redeeming Rewards;

(vi) 'Card' means the MathZone Rewards Points Membership card that MathZone may issue to the Member;

(vii) 'Eligible Family Member' of a Member means any person the Member can demonstrate, to the reasonable satisfaction of MathZone, as being related to that Member in any of the ways described below:

  • Husband/Wife

  • Parent/Step-parent

  • Domestic Partner

  • Child, including foster & step-child

  • Brother/Sister

  • Step Brother/Sister

  • Grandparent

  • Grandchild

  • Son/Daughter-in-law

  • Brother/Sister-in-law

  • Father/Mother-in-law

  • Uncle/Aunt

  • Nephew/Niece


(ix) 'Loyalty Bonus' means the choice of bonus MathZone Points earned;

(x) 'Member' means a person who is a member of the MathZone Rewards Points program;

(xi) 'Membership' means membership of MathZone Rewards Points program;

(xii) 'Membership Account' means the record of a Member's Rewards Points program Membership, which is available on request from MathZone;

(xiii) 'Membership Year' commences on the first day of the month following a Member's Anniversary Month and concludes on the last day of the Member's Anniversary Month the following year;

(xiv) 'MathZone' means MathZone LLC;

(xv) 'Referral Bonus' means the predetermined number of Reward Points that MathZone allocates when an existing Member refers a non Member to MathZone and the referred Member's child or children enroll(s) in a program offered by MathZone. This predetermined number of points is currently 12,500;

(xvi) 'Reward', effective from November 06, 2017 means any MathZone product or service that has been nominated by MathZone as eligible to be obtained by a Member redeeming MathZone Points through MathZone;

(xvii) 'Terms and Conditions' means these MathZone Terms and Conditions;

3. Changes to MathZone Rewards Program

MathZone LLC reserves the right to make any changes (whether material or otherwise) to the MathZone Rewards Points program, the Terms and Conditions or the types or makeup of Rewards or Benefits offered including:

Changes to:

3.1 the ways in which MathZone Points are earned and redeemed;

3.2 point earning and redeeming rates;

3.3 rewards or Benefits, including the continued availability of Rewards or Benefits;

3.4 reward restrictions or conditions;

3.5 membership level requirements & benefits and

3.6 the expiry of accrued MathZone Points;

MathZone will use best efforts to advise Members of material changes to these Terms and Conditions and where such changes will limit Benefits:


(i) where the Benefit is provided by MathZone, to give Members at least 30 days notice;

(ii) where the Benefit is provided by a third party, where possible give Members at least 30 days notice.

Without limiting this clause 3 in any way, Members will be taken to have received the notice referred to in this clause if MathZone notifies Members of the change by:

(i) for Members living in the continental USA, by posting details of the changes on the MathZone website (;

(ii) for Members living outside the continental USA, posting details of the changes on the MathZone website (;


4. Termination or Suspension of MathZone Rewards Points

  1. MathZone gives no warranty as to the continuing availability of the MathZone Rewards Points Program. MathZone may terminate or suspend MathZone Rewards Points Program at any time. MathZone will give at least 1 months notice to Members of such termination or suspension, except if MathZone LLC ceases to operate a tutoring services business in which case the MathZone Rewards Points Program will cease immediately.

  2. If MathZone LLC terminates or suspends the MathZone Rewards Points Program, Members will be able to redeem MathZone Rewards Points during the notice period in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, except where MathZone is ceasing to operate a tutoring services business and/or has gone into liquidation or other form of administration, in which case MathZone may terminate or cancel any Rewards or Benefits immediately without notice.


5. Membership

  1. Membership of MathZone is open only to individuals. Membership is not open to families, groups, companies, trusts, partnerships, other entities, government departments, agencies or inanimate objects. MathZone offers its customers MathZone Rewards Points through its MathZone Rewards Points program. Terms and Conditions relating to MathZone Rewards Points earned through the MathZone Rewards Points program are available at;

  2. Persons will become Members when they enroll and pay for eligible tutoring programs on behalf of their child or children. Membership is offered at the discretion of MathZone. MathZone has the right to offer or reject Membership to any potential Member;

  3. Each Member may have only one MathZone account;

  4. Successful applicants will be assigned a Membership number and may be sent a Membership kit. The Membership number and Member's Last Name, along with information deemed necessary such as a Member's birth date, will be used for security of the Member's Membership information. It is the Member's responsibility to ensure that their security information is kept secure;

  5. New Members may, before they use their Membership and within two weeks of receiving their Membership number, notify MathZone that they no longer wish to be a Member. MathZone will then cancel their Membership;

  6. Each Member must advise MathZone of any change of name, address and contact details as soon as practicable after the change. Changes to the mailing address and contact details must be made directly to MathZone. Members must supply their Membership number and any requested security information when making any such changes. Written proof must be supplied for any change of name and may be required for other changes. MathZone is not responsible for any failure by a Member to notify MathZone of any changes in accordance with this clause or for any incorrect changes notified to MathZone;

  7. Members may, at any time, cancel their Membership by providing written notice to MathZone. Upon receipt of a written notice, MathZone will cancel the relevant Membership and all accumulated MathZone Rewards Points in that Member's account will immediately expire. Accordingly, MathZone recommends that Members carefully plan all cancellations to avoid unintentional loss of accumulated MathZone Rewards Points


​​By joining the MathZone Rewards program, you consent to MathZone emailing you regarding:

(i) Your points balance;

(ii) “MathZone Matters”, our regular Newsletter;

(iii) Exclusive offers for MathZone members;

(iv) Exclusive offers from our program partners;

(v) News, updates and offers for families;

(vi) Entertainment offers and competitions;

(vii) Information about your membership;

If you do not wish to receive these email communications, you can opt-out.  

6. Family Transfers

  1. A Member may transfer MathZone Points to any person deemed to be a family member (as defined above) at the end of a 12 month period on the following basis:

(i) the Person receiving the MathZone Rewards Points must become a Member before the transfer is acknowledged by MathZone;
(ii) the Member transferring the MathZone Rewards Points must specify the name of the person receiving the MathZone Rewards Points and nature of their relationship with the Person receiving the Rewards Points;
(iii) a transfer may be for as many MathZone Rewards Points as the transferor wishes to transfer and must be in whole numbers of rewards Points;
(iv) an existing Member may only transfer MathZone Rewards Points once in any 12 month period;
(v) once MathZone Rewards Points have been transferred, the transfer cannot be reversed or cancelled by either the Member transferring the Rewards Points or the recipient;
(vi) MathZone is not responsible for any incorrect transfers made and where the incorrect transfer is not due to an error by MathZone, its employees or agents and in such circumstances will not refund any MathZone Rewards Points incorrectly or mistakenly transferred;

(vii) Members must not require or receive any consideration (in the form of a payment or otherwise) for any transfer of Rewards Points to any person.

7. Redeeming MathZone Points for Rewards

  1. Reward availability is limited;

  2. For Rewards other than Tuition Rewards, in addition to the MathZone Rewards Points required for a Reward, Members may be required to pay additional amounts quoted from time to time and subject to the Reward being offered;

  3. The Terms and Conditions applicable to a Reward redemption will be those in force at the time the MathZone Rewards Points are redeemed for that Reward;

  4. The number of MathZone Points that must be redeemed in relation to a particular Reward and the amount that must be paid as part of a Points Plus Pay redemption are determined by MathZone. MathZone may require a minimum number of Points be redeemed as part of any Points Plus Pay redemption;

  5. MathZone does not give any warranty or make any representation in relation to the underlying value of any Rewards;

  6. Members must have in their account at least the number of MathZone Points required to redeem the chosen Reward at the time the redemption is processed. Any payment of a money amount required to obtain a Reward must be paid using an Accepted Payment Card at the time of redemption;

  7. MathZone reserves the right to charge a fee for the use of certain Accepted Payment Cards;

  8. Any credit or refund made to a Member under these Terms and Conditions will be made:
    (i) in MathZone Points to the extent that the Member redeemed Rewards Points to obtain the Reward; and
    (ii) in money refunded to the Member's Accepted Payment Card to the extent that the Member paid money to obtain the Reward, less any applicable fee;

  9. MathZone Rewards Points cannot be exchanged for money;

  10. MathZone may make (or may arrange for third parties to make) other Rewards available for redemption through MathZone for a specified period. Details and any additional terms and conditions applicable to those other Rewards will be provided by the applicable Reward supplier and/or at MathZone’s website.

  11. Conversion rate: Every 750 Rewards points accumulated is equivalent to a monetary value of $1 when used in accordance with the Tuition programs offered at MathZone and as specified when Members satisfy the conditions related to discontinuation or Grade 12 enrollment.

  12. Dollar values will be rounded up or down subject to the divided total, e.g. if a calculated amount is under 50 cents in the dollar, it will be converted down -> $1.36 = $1. If a calculated amount is equal to or greater than 50 cents in the dollar, it will be converted up -> $1.52 = $2.

8. eGift Cards

  1. eGift Cards are available as Rewards by redeeming all accumulated Points;

  2. An eGift Card is valid from the date of issue and for the period specified on the eGift Card;

  3. Member Points may be converted to eGift Cards only at the completion of tutoring in Grades 11 or 12;

  4. It may take up to five (5) business days to issue an eGift Card;

  5. The eGift Card will be e-mailed to the Member. It is the Member's responsibility to ensure their email address on file with MathZone is correct;

  6. An eGift Card cannot be exchanged for money, re-sent, replaced if stolen and is issued subject to the conditions on the eGift Card;

  7. eGift cards will be emailed to eligible Members at the beginning of each Academic year.

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