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MathZone Rewards Program

MathZone's Rewards Program provides parents who enroll their child or children at MathZone with the opportunity to lessen the cost of tuition. Each academic year that students are enrolled at MathZone provides two major benefits:

  1. Enhanced capabilities, confidence and understanding in the subject matter the student is receiving assistance with

  2. A financial break on the cost of a student's tuition

How it works

A parent or guardian that enrolls a child at MathZone automatically becomes a MathZone Rewards Program Member. Membership is free and renews free of charge when a child or children are enrolled at MathZone. For every dollar spent on a child's tuition, the Member will receive 20 Reward points. This includes money spent on any purchases made either onsite or via our website. Purchases that qualify for this program include enrollment in any K - 12 tutoring program offered by MathZone, Assessment fees, Administration fees, SAT Prep programs, School Readiness programs, Additional lessons and purchase of Tuition Gift vouchers.

Redeemable Period

A redeemable period is defined as the start of an Academic Year through to the end of the Summer period. Typically, this will be the calendar period between late August of a given year and late August in the immediately following year. To qualify for redeemable Rewards points, a student must be enrolled on a continuous basis for the entire Academic Year.


MathZone values each and every student enrolled with us and thanks parents for their continued trust and support. It honors us when parents feel confident to refer our services to their friends or family and we wish to recognize this in the form of Referral Bonus Points. For each referred child that enrolls in a tutoring program with us, we will reward the referring Member with 12,500 Reward Points. Enrolling families must indicate the referring family at time of enrollment.

Redeeming Rewards Points

Automatic redemption:

  1. When students enroll at the beginning of an academic year, the dollar value of accumulated points from the previous Redeemable Period are deducted from the tuition fees for the enrollment period of the new Academic year;

  2. If the redeemable dollar value is in excess of $100, the redeemable amount will be deducted over the first three months of the new enrollment period for the Academic year; 

  3. If the redeemable dollar value is less than $100, the redeemable amount will be deducted in the first month of the new enrollment period for the Academic year. 

Intermittent redemption:

  1. When discontinuing after two (2) consecutive years of continuous enrollment at MathZone, the value of accumulated points in the final year of enrollment will be converted to a dollar value and presented to the Rewards Program Member as an eGift Card;

  2. When an enrolled Grade 11 or 12 student is enrolled for a minimum of 6 months within an Academic year at MathZone, all accumulated points for that year will be converted to a dollar value and presented to the Rewards Program Member as an eGift Card;

  3. eGift Cards provided by the MathZone Rewards Program may include Visa, MasterCard or third party cards such as Amazon, Best Buy, that can be used anywhere these cards are accepted.


  1. If discontinuing attendance after one (1) continuous academic year, Rewards points cannot be redeemed. Rewards points in this case may be transferred under the Family Transfer option if applicable;

  2. Transfer to family members must be requested in writing by the transferring Member. Transfer forms are available from MathZone and must be submitted by June 15 of the Academic year.

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